Around the World Reading Challenge 2015

I was looking for a new feature for my blog when I came across this challenge on Booking It which brings together two of my favourite things: reading and travel. One of the great things about reading fiction is its ability to transport you to a different time and place, and there are many novels which have inspired me to make that journey in real life.

I would love to revisit some of my favourite settings from novels (and maybe I will get chance to as part of this challenge). But, to begin with, I have chosen authors who are new to me. It is supposed to be a challenge. Some of them I have been meaning to read for a while, others I have chosen because of their location. I will discuss the reasons for my choices as part of the challenge when I start it.

Here are the rules of the challenge (as taken from Booking It) together with my choices:

1)  Agree to read and blog about at least six books in 2015, with the following stipulations:

2)  The books may be fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama–anything.

3)  The authors may be from any time period, dead or alive.

4)  If you want to participate, just indicate your interest, along with the link to your blog, in the comments section.

5)  After you have done a blog post for this challenge, indicate that you have done so in the comments section, include the name of the book and author, and provide a link to your post

If I get time I will try and read more than the obligatory six novels but, given that my reading habits have changed from a book a week to one a month since my son’s arrival, I do not want to set myself an insurmountable challenge!

Watch this page in 2015 to see my progress.

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11 thoughts on “Around the World Reading Challenge 2015

  1. A wonderful challenge you have here. I am reading more like ever having retired in 2014. I mostly read historical books and biographies. I don’t know if can participate in this challenge without reading books from many continents? Thank you so much for finding me and even follow me. I think we have a lot of interests in common. Reading, writing, children and travelling.

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