The Highs and Lows of My Week

To give you a taste of ‘real’ expat life, I thought I would share some of the things that have happened over my week. As parenting an eleven month old is my main occupation, there will invariably be quite a few mentions of my son!

The highs:

  • Discovering I can fit back into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes, and feeling a lot fitter after a few weeks of being more conscious of my diet and exercise regime.
  • My son’s wonder week: walking with his baby walker unaided for the first time; clapping (very cutely) for the first time; pointing and saying ‘ta’ (for the first time…)
  • Going out for dinner with friends and no baby – not quite a first but a rare occurrence and (another rare occurrence in Brunei) having dinner in a bustling restaurant.
  • Another fabulous $1 curry from the market for breakfast on Friday.
  • A Saturday morning swim with the pool to myself on a slightly overcast, and therefore not too hot, morning.
  • Lots of fun play dates and baby activities this week.
  • This explanation of a calzone pizza:

And the lows:

  • My son’s wonder week: waking again at night and short naps meant barely any time to myself and tiredness; tantrums; throwing and spitting food; and general grumpiness.
  • Seriously loud thunderstorms at night which kept me awake, and the rain brought out the mosquitoes so the route from the front door to the car is now mosquito alley.
  • I was late to dinner as my son wouldn’t go to bed, I spent fifteen minutes trying to find a parking space, and scraped the rear of my car on a wall trying to back in to a space my car barely fit.
  • We find out next week if my husband has been successful in the first round of job applications and the wait is really getting to me! In a few months I could be moving, but I don’t know where to or when. Or I could be in Brunei for another half a year.
  • This week’s mangoes from the market were over-ripe which means that the season is coming to an end and good-bye to my favourite food.
  • My son caught a cold.



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