Signs I’m Ready for a Holiday

Image from Wikepedia
Image from Wikepedia

This week is all about lists: packing lists, to-do lists, places to see… So here’s another one, for fun, on how I know I am ready for a holiday:

1) I have launched an entirely fruitless, one-woman campaign against the ants which moved in last week because I left a few crumbs of food lying around. The only way I’m maintaining my sanity during my losing crusade is through the knowledge that when I come back after two weeks of no food they will have moved on.

2) If I recite any more of my newly acquired Japanese to my son his first words will not be English.

3) I have survived a whole week with no baby groups (due to a cold) and not much sleep (cold/growth spurt/wonder week??) without going mad because there is a light at the end of the tunnel

4) I am not even dreading the prospect of two flights with a little boy who can’t sit still.

5) When an unidentified flying insect hit me in the face this morning I abandoned all other tasks until I had hunted it down and killed it, wasting half of nap time in the process.

6) All of the laundry is done.

7) Despite this fact I have been wearing my oldest clothes all week as all of my others are either packed or in the ‘maybe’ pile.

8) I feel like I’ve already visited Japan after spending so long looking for places to stay, finding things to do and looking up anything I can about the place in my excitement at going.

9) I’m looking forward to wearing a jumper.

10) I haven’t eaten sushi for two weeks in preparation for the feast ahead…


7 thoughts on “Signs I’m Ready for a Holiday

  1. Oh I’m excited for you and finally visiting Japan 🙂 just a heads up bring an umbrella as the weather has be super unpredictable this year!

      1. haha I am sure if you find the name you’ll be able to track it down. I haven’t seen one yet!

    1. It’s not particularly close to Brunei either, 7 hours of flying across 2 flights. But next time we move we might be further away so it’s my must-see place for this year. Hopefully I’ll have lots of good things to say about it!

  2. One of my colleagues just spent three weeks in Japan with his young family and had an absolutely super time. Look forward to hearing all about it. Have fun 🙂

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