Censorship is a tricky subject, and I am not going to discuss my views on it here. But it is a part of everyday life where I live at the moment.

Moving to a country where censorship exists feels strange at first. I used to get annoyed when I was watching a film and suddenly I didn’t know what was going on because a scene had been cut out. Now I know not to watch a film above a certain rating because it will have been edited. Books, TV, films… most forms of media have some degree of censorship, although the internet is not restricted.

Sometimes censorship still catches us unawares by turning up in the most unexpected places. My husband bought the National Geographic magazine last week and found these modifications: The angels have been pasted out, as it is forbidden to promote any religion apart from Islam here.

With the introduction of Sharia Law last year, censorship is on the increase. There are laws in place restricting what people can talk about and how they can act. After a while you get used to it and it becomes part of your life, but every now and again something you take for granted changes, reminding you that you are a foreigner. And whatever you may think about it, you abide by the rules of the country where you live or else face the consequences.


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