Singapore: My Kind of City

I’m writing this post as part of the Show Your World blog event hosted by Tiny Expats. Please go over there to take a look, or share your own special place. Although I’m usually more at home in the countryside, I absolutely adore Singapore. Here’s why…

Singapore is clean, modern – almost futuristic and efficient. In South-East Asia, these things can be a rarity. But it’s much more than that. It’s a big city and has plenty to do but it also has plenty of places to escape to, such as the Gardens by the Bay which are a hybrid of nature and man-made structures and remind me of something from a science-fiction film.

The canopy walkway in the Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is a melting pot of culture, with people from many different nationalities calling it home. If I had the chance to move there as an expat I would be there in a flash. The food is diverse and very good, with just about every type of cuisine represented. You can buy anything there; we shopped until we dropped on Orchard road in a series of shopping centres which are connected by underground walkways so that you don’t have to face the blazing sun. On this trip we visited the Da Vinci exhibition at the Art Science Museum by Marina Bay Sands to get our culture hit, but there are museums covering many aspects of Singapore past and present as well as aquariums, a zoo… too many to list or visit.

And did I mention that Singapore is clean? Chewing gum is illegal and the whole city is immaculate: no litter, no rats, none of the dirt and grime you usually find. Of course Singapore has it’s problems, like anywhere, but as far as cities go it definitely wins my vote.



17 thoughts on “Singapore: My Kind of City

    1. Yes it was very easy, he was the centre of attention everywhere we went and we had people asking to take photos of him – he’s going to get a complex living out here! Singapore was a lot easier than anywhere else we’ve been around here in terms of pushchair accessibility and facilities. We just had to be careful with him in the heat, but there’s plenty of things to do inside.

  1. I love Singapore too and we never fail to feast at Makan Sutra each time πŸ™‚ We’ve been there several times already and we still want more!

      1. Singapore has changed a lot in the last 10 years, and has gotten a lot more expensive that it is almost unafforable. It is a great place to live for an expat. For the locals, I’m really not so sure!

  2. I currently live here and as an expat, there are lot of things about Singapore that I really love. There’s always something new almost every year, you should come back! πŸ™‚

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