A New Shopping Centre

These past two weeks have been dull; we’ve been passing a cold around our house (I was lucky enough to get it twice) so we haven’t been able to go to any baby groups. I was getting desperate for things to do when we started to feel better, so last Thursday we went to check out the new shopping centre which has opened in the next town.

Now, I have lived here long enough that I should know better but I was actually quite excited about the prospect of some new shops. There is hardly anywhere to go shopping in Brunei, especially if you want Western sizes. A UK size 10 is considered large. (I once got followed round a shop in Malaysia by the sales assistant who said “You want large size?” every time I picked something up. “No!” I felt like screaming, “this is a small size where I come from!”)

Anyway, we set off for the shopping centre with unrealistically high hopes. I should have been warned by the fact that I only found out it had opened a few weeks earlier because someone had mentioned it on Facebook. There had been no grand opening that I was aware of, probably because the building isn’t finished and there are only about five shops open!

There were a few things of interest:

A snow play area - very small but surprisingly popular
A snow play area – very small but surprisingly popular


An empty cafe
An empty cafe

But in the end we left with a bag of nappies from the supermarket which I could have bought from the supermarket a few hundred metres away from our house…

Thankfully we’re all recovered now so I can go back to baby group this week and I don’t have to try and find our own entertainment again!


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