A Year Gone By and the Year Ahead

What a year it’s been. I’ve started my first proper blog, given birth to my first child, and had my first story published. And it feels like that’s literally all I’ve done (although I have to say this is a lot more than I’ve achieved in other years). I don’t feel that I’ve made as much of my third year in Brunei as I have done other years, mainly because I was feeling morning sick, too big to move far or recovering from having a baby. The only new country I have travelled to is Thailand and I have hardly done anything new in Brunei this year. I wouldn’t have done anything differently, but I am entering into my final year in Brunei now and thought it would be a good idea to focus on what I really want to do before leaving the country, sort of like a set of new year’s resolutions. So here goes:

  • See Japan. This is the country I most want to visit. The rest of my travel wish list will have to wait a few years. I’m hoping to visit some time in the spring.

  • Go on a jungle hash. Given that walking is still taking it out of me, I will have to build up to this one. Basically it’s a run through the jungle in pursuit of forerunners who leave a trail behind them. I’m determined to try it before I leave behind the jungle.
  • Try a durian fruit. It’s the fruit which smells like smelly feet, but it widely regarded over here as a delicacy. Prince William has tried it (and politely said he hated it) so really there’s no excuse.

  • Keep a diary. This was also last year’s resolution, but this year I have a proper diary and I really must make an effort to use it. I come across so many different things here that I think I must make a note of and never do, plus it would be lovely to show my son when he is older and wants to know about the country where he was born.
  • Enjoy my life here. It’s easy to get caught up in being busy all the time and forget to do the things I most enjoy: going for reflexology; swimming in the open-air pool; taking a weekend break to Malaysia. If it’s anything like the past six months, the next year will fly by and it will be time to move on. I want to savour the moments I have here before it is too late.

What are your resolutions for the year ahead?


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