Travel Theme: Freedom

This theme got me thinking about what freedom means, and how there is a thin line between freedom and captivity. Since becoming an expat, I have had more freedom to pursue my interests but where I live I no longer have the freedom to be able to work (luckily this suits me!) In many countries, women do not have the freedom to come and go as they please, but in this respect I am very fortunate. I have the freedom to express myself, others cannot. With that in mind, here are some images of freedom which I have captured on my travels:

Orangutan means 'person of the forest' in Malay
Orangutan means ‘person of the forest’ in Malay

This orangutan had been rescued from captivity and was being rehabilitated in a patch of forest in Kota Kinabalu. As this was taken a few years ago, I hope he will have been released into the wild by now.

These monkeys are wild, but due to their habitat being lost they are becoming more reliant on humans:

Bin wars

I always think of freedom when I see an empty beach, though I am aware that these aren’t always easy to find (or natural):

Luxury in the Maldives
Luxury in the Maldives

And of course there is having the freedom to travel, a freedom that I am lucky to have.

Where to next?
Where to next?

For more ideas about freedom, visit Where’s My Backpack which provided the inspiration for this post.

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